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Taniel Shant Concedes Election for Palm Beach County Commission District 5

BOCA RATON, FL — Last night, Taniel Shant, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, conceded the election to Mayor Mary Lou Berger. Shant was surrounded by over 40 family, friends, campaign volunteers and supporters at the West Boca Ale House.

Below is a full statement from Taniel Shant:

“I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me in this process. As a first time candidate, I could not be more pleased at the outpouring of support I received from those closest to me. I also have to thank my staff, volunteers, and everyone who believed in my message of fiscal responsibility, principled leadership, and overall stewardship of people and their interests. I’m very proud of the campaign that we ran, from our positive vision to our professionalism, but most importantly, the hard work ethic we displayed in reaching out to voters. Over the last six months, I was fortunate to meet with a broad range of people in Palm Beach County who told me about their lives and the issues facing them. It was a tremendous experience that I will carry with me forever.

Although we fell short, we ran a noteworthy campaign. We raised more money than any Republican has ever raised for County Commission District 5. We received almost 37,000 votes, the most for a Republican in County Commission District 5. The Palm Beach Post noted my “strong turnout,” and according to my sources, we won precinct 5154, my home precinct. Despite all odds, our message resonated with thousands of people, but our work is not yet over. It has just begun. 

I’d like to congratulate Mary Lou Berger on her win. This is a time to come together and to start thinking of ways to make Palm Beach County better. I look forward to what the future has in store and I know that my ideas and my vision will add to the solutions that keep Palm Beach County moving forward.”

“Stand With Me Against the Sales Tax” Taniel Shant Says

BOCA RATON, FL — Taniel Shant, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, is urging voters to “Stand with Shant” against the so-called “penny tax,” the current proposal to raise the Palm Beach County sales tax from 6% to 7%, an increase of 17%.

“The public has a right to know that they are about to cast their vote for a 17% sales tax increase,” stated Taniel Shant today at the West Boca Branch Library. “It’s not a penny. It’s a 17% tax increase,” Shant told voters.

“The people in District 5 actually have two votes to cast on the sales tax. One for the ballot measure, and one for County Commissioner, as my opponent voted for and strongly supports the sales tax hike. A vote in favor of a 17% sales tax increase is a vote for my opponent. A vote against the sales tax is a vote for me, and I urge everyone to stand with me against the sales tax,” Shant said.

Below is a list of reasons why voters should reject the sales tax increase and vote for Taniel Shant:

1) The proposal contains disingenuous language. It is not a penny tax. It is a 17% tax increase that aims to raise $2.7 Billion dollars.

2) The County and School Board are spending over $250,000 of tax payer money on a marketing campaign to trick voters into giving them more money. (There is a well funded and organized campaign that includes brochures, yard signs, web video advertisements, a website, and other taxpayer funded promotional material).

3) No sales tax increase that benefited the County has ever expired. Voters have a right to be skeptical at the notion that the sales tax proposal will sunset.

4) Sales tax is regressive. It hurts the most vulnerable communities in our society, namely the poor, hard working middle class families, and seniors.

5) It is not subject to the scrutiny applied to the annual ad-valorem budget.

6) It creates an incentive to purchase outside the county (Both Broward and Martin are at 6%, many internet retailers do not collect sales tax).

7) It is not an “infrastructure maintenance tax” but includes many new capital projects.

8) Unlike an infrastructure bond that would raise just enough money for critical needs, this granular tax generates a specific amount of money, and low priority projects will have to be funded in order to spend it all. Like previous proposals, it is a grab-bag of projects, many of which would never be done without a “must spend” windfall.

9) Charter schools get nothing.

10) Many of the municipalities (PBG, Boca) didn’t want the money.

11) It comes on top of the largest ad-valorem tax haul at the county level in history, up 8.2% over last year and up 33% since 2012. If passed, the 2017 equivalent tax hike would be 18%.

12) Over the last 5 years, the county has consistently underfunded engineering and public works (+3%), while increasing the Sheriff’s budget by 28% and giving across the board raises to employees of 12% (3%/year for 4 years). When the overall ad-valorem budget increased by 33%, engineering saw a total of 3% in 5 years. This was a conscious choice.

Video: Taniel Shant Reads “‘Twas the Week Before the Election”

BOCA RATON, FL – Today, the Taniel Shant for Palm Beach County campaign released a satirical video entitled “‘Twas the Week Before the Election.” The video features Taniel Shant, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, reading a story to all the “boys and girls” and includes several references to Shant, his campaign, policy issues, and the 2016 election cycle.

“‘Twas the week before election, and all through the county,

Bureaucrats were hoping the sales tax bounty,

Would pass on the 8th, an audit’s too much trouble.

They’re wishing and praying you don’t burst their bubble,” reads the opening stanza.

The video is available on the Taniel Shant for Palm Beach County campaign YouTube channel and Facebook Page.


Taniel Shant Casts His Ballot in West Boca

BOCA RATON, FL – This week, Taniel Shant, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, cast his ballot at the West Boca Branch Library.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to represent my hometown and to serve the people and community of which I have been a part for over 30 years,” stated Taniel Shant.

“I’m excited to participate in early voting and I encourage everyone who has not yet voted to come out to the polls and to cast your ballot as soon as possible,” Shant said.

To date, over 4 million Floridians have cast their ballot. In Palm Beach County, over 230,000 people have already voted. Click here for detailed statistics on early voting in Florida.

There are 15 early voting locations in Palm Beach County, three of which are in District 5. Click here for detailed information about early voting in Palm Beach County including dates, times, and locations.

Taniel Shant Will be a Guest on ‘The Morning Rush’ 1290 WJNO News Radio

BOCA RATON, FL – Today, Taniel Shant, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, will be a guest on ‘The Morning Rush’ news radio program on channel 1290 WJNO. ‘The Morning Rush’ is hosted by Brian Mudd, Brenna Rae, and Joel Malkin.

Voters are encouraged to tune into channel 1290 FM, or listen online here, today from 5:00AM to 9:00AM. The interview with Taniel Shant will be featured in the top or bottom of the hour news casts.

Shant will be featured as part of the WJNO’s 2016 election spotlight on local races in Palm Beach County. He will discuss his background, experience, policy positions, and vision for Palm Beach County.

Boca Tribune Publishes Taniel Shant Op-Ed


BOCA RATON, FL – This week, The Boca Raton Tribune published an Op-Ed written by Taniel Shant, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5 entitled “Stewardship.”

In the column, Taniel Shant states, “This is an important concept because, to me, to be a good public servant is to be a good steward, particularly when it comes to the fiscal management of our government’s resources. One large example of our county government’s lack of stewardship is this disastrous proposal to raise our sales tax by 17%.”

“Falsely marketed as a “penny tax,” local officials have embarked on a marketing campaign to positively change public opinion on this issue. If people were told the truth, that it is a 17% tax hike, voters would reject it outright,” Shant writes.

Taniel Shant also points out that “Commissioner Mary Lou Berger showcased poor stewardship when she voted in favor of the 17% sales tax increase. This tax is regressive and it hurts the most vulnerable communities in our society, namely the poor, hard-working middle-class Americans, and seniors.”

Click here to read Taniel Shant’s Op-Ed, ‘Stewardship,’ in full.

Early Voting Begins in Palm Beach County

Important Voter Information Below

BOCA RATON, FL – The Taniel Shant for Palm Beach County campaign is pleased to provide you with important information regarding early voting in Palm Beach County including dates, times, and locations.

We’re also looking for additional volunteers to work early polling stations and to help Get Out The Vote (GOTV)! Please contact us at and get involved today!


Monday, October 24, 2016 through Sunday, November 6, 2016


7:00 am – 7:00 pm Daily

Early voting is available at select Palm Beach County voting stations. Address and directions to those early polling stations in or closest to District 5 (West Boca Raton, West Delray Beach, West Boynton Beach) are provided below.


  1. West Boca Branch Library
    18685 State Road 7/US 441
    Boca Raton, FL 33498

Directions: The West Boca Library is on SR7/US441 just North of Yamato Rd. Make the first left North of Yamato Rd. The library is on the left (West) side of the street.


  1. South County Civic Center
    16700 Jog Road
    Delray Beach, FL 33446

Directions: The Civic Center is approx. 7/10 mile south of Linton Blvd. on the left (East) side of Jog Rd.

2. Hagen Ranch Road Library
14350 Hagen Ranch Road
Delray Beach, FL 33446

Directions: From SR7/US441, drive East on Atlantic Ave. Just East of the FL Turnpike, turn left (North) on Hagen Ranch Rd. Drive .7 mile on Hagen Ranch Rd. The library is on the right (East) side at the end of a long driveway.


  1. Ezell Hester Community Center*
    1901 North Seacrest Blvd
    Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Directions: From SR7/US441, drive East on Boynton Beach Blvd., turn left (North) on to Seacrest Blvd. About .5 mile after crossing the Boynton Canal, the Hester Community Center is on your left (West) side between NE 17th and 19th Avenue.

*Although not in District 5, Ezell Hester Community Center is the only early polling station in Boynton Beach.


For a complete list of ALL early voting locations in Palm Beach County, please click here.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about early voting in Palm Beach County, please contact us via email at

Taniel Shant to Live Tweet Tonight During WXEL’s Pro-Sales Tax Program

BOCA RATON, FL – Tonight, Taniel Shant, candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, will be live tweeting during the WXEL South Florida PBS Broadcast of “Issues Decision 2016” program on the “Penny Sales Tax Increase.” The program will feature guests in support of the sales tax and will not include an opposition spokesperson.

Falsely labeled a “penny tax,” the Palm Beach County ballot measure seeks to raise the sales tax by 17%. The measure is estimated to generate $2.7 billion dollars over the next 10 years. For weeks, the county and school board have spent over $200,000 in taxpayer dollars on a marketing campaign designed to fool the people of Palm Beach County into approving a 17% sales tax hike.


The program will feature Palm Beach County Assistant Administrator Todd Bonlarron, Palm Beach County School District Chief Operating Officer Mike Burke, Palm Beach County League of Cities Executive Director Richard Radcliffe, and editor Brian Crowley. The Palm Beach County government, school district, and league of cities have all publicly endorsed the 17% sales tax hike.

“Given that the program will not include a single opposition spokesperson, I encourage the people of Palm Beach County to join me in bringing attention to the facts and countering the false narrative behind this disastrous proposal to raise our county sales tax by 17%,” stated Taniel Shant. “The people have a right to know the truth about this terrible tax,” Shant said.

You can watch the program on WXEL at 6:30 PM on Sunday, October 23, 2016 and you can join the discussion on Twitter by using the hashtag #AxeTheTax and tweeting to @TanielShantPBC.

Taniel Shant Campaign Releases Schedule of Upcoming Events in October

BOCA RATON, FL – The Taniel Shant for Palm Beach County campaign is pleased to announce the following campaign events:

  1. Monday, October 3, 2016 at 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, Western Communities Chapter October Meeting on Proposed 17% Sales Tax Increase at St. Peter’s United Methodist Church, 12200 West Forest Hill Boulevard, Wellington, Florida 33414. Palm Beach County Commissioner (District 6) Melissa McKinlay will speak in support of the tax, and Palm Beach County Commission (District 5) candidate Taniel Shant will speak in opposition. The meeting is free and open to the public.
  2. Monday, October 17, 2016 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM: Palm Beach County Commission District 5 Candidate Debate at Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor, 3475 Woolbright Rd. #19, Boynton Beach, FL, 33436. Join congregants and guests for a debate on the issues facing Palm Beach County with Commissioner Mary Lou Berger (invited) and candidate Taniel Shant (confirmed). The debate is free and open to the public.
  3. Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM: The West Boca Community Council Hosts a Palm Beach County Commission District 5 Candidate Forum with Commissioner Mary Lou Berger (invited) and Commission candidate Taniel Shant (confirmed). The forum is free and open to the public.
  4. Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 9:15 AM – 11:30 AM: The Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations (COBWRA) hosts a Meet the Candidates Forum at Palm Isles, 9545 Palm Isles Dr., Boynton Beach, FL 33437 for all Palm Beach County candidates. The meeting is free and open to the public.
  5. Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM: Taniel Shant Campaign Fundraiser at Smashburger, 1729 S Federal Higway, Boynton Beach, FL 33435. Tickets are $35 and includes a burger, fries, and soda. Come out and root on Taniel Shant as he takes down the “Best Berger in Town.” Tickets can be purchased in advance at
  6. Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM: The National Committee of Asian American Republicans Host a Candidates BBQ at Loggers Run Park, 11185 W Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33428. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased in advance at

To RSVP or for more information, please email For more information about the Taniel Shant campaign please visit, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @TanielShantPBC.

Mary Lou Berger Appointee Censors, Intimidates Taniel Shant at COBWRA Meeting

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – On Wednesday, September 21, the Coalition of Boynton West Residential Associations (COBWRA) held their September delegates meeting which featured presentations from Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker and Palm Beach County School District Superintendent Robert Avossa, who both spoke in support of the 17% Sales Tax increase that will appear on the November 8 ballot. The COBWRA meeting was advertised as open to the public.

Taniel Shant, Republican candidate for Palm Beach County Commission District 5, opposes the 17% Sales Tax increase and was present to listen to the presentations. County Commission District 5 includes the areas west of Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach.

Near the end of the presentations, COBWRA President Glen Harvie approached Mr. Shant and, in a disrespectful manner, told him that he would not allow Mr. Shant to ask a question. Mr. Harvie then attempted to unlawfully remove Mr. Shant, who was standing near the back of the room peacefully listening to the presentations.

Upon his arrival, Mr. Shant witnessed Mary Lou Berger canvass the room and inform her allies that Mr. Shant was present.

It appears that Mr. Harvie, who supports the 17% Sales Tax increase, was acting on behalf of sitting District 5 County Commissioner Mary Lou Berger, who was present at the meeting. In 2014, Commissioner Berger nominated Mr. Harvie to the Palm Beach County Community Advisory Committee.

“Although I was bullied, censored, and intimidated, the real victims in all of this are the residents,” stated Taniel Shant. “The entire meeting was a setup to deceive the residents of West Boynton Beach. They had two presentations in support of the 17% sales tax increase, didn’t have anyone speak in opposition to it, refused to allow public comments, then immediately held a vote for COBWRA to endorse and support the 17% sales tax hike, which unsurprisingly passed unanimously. I don’t know if Mary Lou Berger put him up to it or not, but he clearly was acting on Commissioner Berger’s behalf in an attempt to censor me,” Shant said.